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HCIC was founded in 1990 to assist organizations in health care information technology management. HCIC has evolved into a healthcare consulting organization that focuses on optimizing information resources, people, systems, and technology via demonstrated expertise in value based planning, systems management, organizational readiness assessment, process improvement, healthcare standards advisement, health information exchange, and technology integration.

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Truven Top 100 Hospital Scores Measure 'Leadership Impact'

Congratulations to our clients Virginia Hospital Center and MedStar St. Mary's who made the top 100 list. The Truven list is different than other scorecards as it is designed to measure "the impact of hospital leaders, and what they emphasize within their organizations providing a longer-term picture of the impact of leadership in driving improvement forward."


Project Examples

Meaningful Use Readiness Achievement of MU Benefits & Provider Adoptions
Program Management Portfolio Management for a Medical Center
Strategic Planning Development of IS Strategic Plan
Clinical Systems Program planning for Clinical Systems
Contract Negotiation Alignment of Incentives
Market Analysis Viability of HIE Market
Strategy & System Selection Replacement of a Medical Information System
Administrative Data Exchange Planning & Implementation Support
Clinical Data Strategy Clinical Data Product Analysis

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Hot Topics

Meaningful Use – Again!

We have sent out several “Hot Topics” mailings on meaningful use recently, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, we’re covering it again in this mailing. We are, unfortunately, seeing a lot of misunderstanding, particularly among Eligible Professionals, about MU requirements. The resulting confusion is particularly concerning as organizations migrate to Stage 2 compliance and beyond. We urge you – if you haven’t done so already – to take the following steps (at a minimum)

Verify your vendor’s readiness to install and support their “2014 Certified” version of software that you are using. A startlingly high number of vendors have not yet had their software certified for 2014, and some have announced that they do not intend to do so. You must have 2014 Certified software installed in order to attest this year, whether you are in Stage 1 or 2.

The May 20, 2014 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking from CMS may allow relief for a provider who has been unable to implement their vendor’s “2014” certified version of their software, but since the changed rule is only “proposed” at this point, it is prudent to proceed as if you must meet the requirements for the stage you are currently in.

Check out nuances of definitions before you start your attestation period. There are many more stringent requirements, particularly as you move to Stage 2, and you don’t want to find out you have been interpreting a measure incorrectly after it is too late to do anything about it.

Validate your vendor’s reports. In particular, make sure they are interpreting measures correctly (we have found at least one vendor that wasn’t doing so), and conduct random samples of your underlying data to confirm the report calculations. Remember to insist that the vendor label their system-produced reports so you can prove the report came from their system.

Finally, remember that your vendor can’t “guarantee” your compliance with Meaningful Use. They can provide you with Certified software, but you have to make sure that the processes you use support the objectives. And remember, there’s no partial credit.

Hot Topics in Health Care is a quarterly feature produced by Jim Oakes, Principal, Health Care Information Consultants.