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After over 25 years of successfully serving our clients, HCIC has ceased active operation as of January 1, 2020. We thank all our friends and clients for so many wonderful years. You may continue to contact our principals through their HCIC email addresses.

HCIC was founded in 1990 to assist organizations in health care information technology management. HCIC is a healthcare consulting organization that focuses on optimizing information resources, people, systems, and technology through expertise in value based planning, organizational management, readiness assessment, process improvement, healthcare standards advisement, health information,and technology integration.

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Truven Top 100 Hospital Scores Measure 'Leadership Impact'

Congratulations to our clients Virginia Hospital Center and MedStar St. Mary's who made the top 100 list. The Truven list is different than other scorecards as it is designed to measure "the impact of hospital leaders, and what they emphasize within their organizations providing a longer-term picture of the impact of leadership in driving improvement forward."


Project Examples

Meaningful Use Readiness Achievement of MU Benefits & Provider Adoptions
Program Management Portfolio Management for a Medical Center
Strategic Planning Development of IS Strategic Plan
Clinical Systems Program planning for Clinical Systems
Contract Negotiation Alignment of Incentives
Market Analysis Viability of HIE Market
Strategy & System Selection Replacement of a Medical Information System
Administrative Data Exchange Planning & Implementation Support
Clinical Data Strategy Clinical Data Product Analysis

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Hot Topics

April 2016

Cybersecurity in a Dangerous World

Several recent highly publicized hacks of major healthcare organizations have put a bright light on a problem many institutions are reluctant to face – the reality that as the black market value of personal healthcare information is being more widely recognized, more and more bad actors are devoting significant effort to breaking in and stealing information. It is becoming a problem that cannot be ignored.

The unpleasant truth is that healthcare organizations need to confront the very real possibility that they will experience a breach, possibly a significant one, in the near future. It is imperative that they be ready for it.

Fortunately, there are concrete steps that a prudent organization can take to prepare. There are many areas to consider, but some of the more significant straightforward steps can help make sure that a game plan is prepared – and practiced – so that you know what to do when a breach is detected. This will certainly involve numerous IT security protocols, but should also include such issues as considering how you will operate in the event of a system shutdown. Ask questions such as:

  1. Are backup procedures in place and are they known?
  2. Are communications protocols developed and understood by the organization?
  3. Are plans developed to assure that essential services continue uninterrupted?
  4. And at the most basic level, are you confident that backup procedures will be followed correctly?

By taking precautionary steps such as these now, you may not be able to prevent a data breach – but you will be better prepared to deal with one when it happens.

Hot Topics in Health Care is a feature produced by Jim Oakes, Principal, Health Care Information Consultants.