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Presentation on 5/23/2012 on the Business Value of Information Technology at the University of South Florida by Jim Oakes of HCIC
Presentation on 4/28/11 at MDHIMSS by Jim Oakes of HCIC and Karen Barker of Lifebridge
Go-Live: Smart Strategies from Davies Award-Winning EHR Implementations
Chapter contributions from Joan Duke from the best selling book from HIMSS, published in 2011
Harmonizing Standards
Through HITSP's work, specifications simplify connections among systems
Guest Editorial By Joan Duke, MA, FHIMSS
Advance for Health Care Information Executives, September, 2008
EMR shouldn’t stand for ‘empty medical record’ 
Joan Duke and Jim Oakes, HCIC LLC Principals
The HIMSS Insider, February, 2008
The State of Development of Interoperable Health Records in the United States
Article by Joan Duke and Jim Oakes in Healthcare IT Management The Official Journal of the European Association of Healthcare, l IT Managers, Volume 3, Issue 3, 2008
Look to states for HIE funding
Article by Joan Duke and Jim Oakes in Healthcare IT News.
Electronic Medical Records
Presentation by Denise Reeser, HCIC Teaming Partner, to South Eastern Pennsylvania Information Management Association - December 2006
Practical Steps in RHIO Planning and Development
Article by Denise Reeser and Brett Griffith in For The Record Vol. 18 No. 24 P. 8 - November 2006
Request for Solution
Paper by Joan R. Duke and George Bowers, Principals, HCIC, LLC August 2006
EHR Case Studies
Four study papers prepared by HCIC, LLC October 2005
Storage Management
Article by Michael T. Balassone and George H. Bowers, HCIC, LLC in Advance Newsmagazine Vol. 9, Issue 5, Page 57 - June 2005
Technology and Process Change in Healthcare
Paper by George H. Bowers, Principal, HCIC, LLC for the WVUH Leadership Forum Retreat - November 2003
Outline on Electronic Prescribing
Tutorial by Caroline Samuels MD and Ivan Zama MD - March 2003
Terminologies: Services and Management
Paper by Joan R. Duke, FHIMSS, MA and John Crawford, PhD, in the Medical Records Institute, Health IT Advisory Report, Vol.3, No.10 - Nov-Dec 2002
Patient Safety and CPOE Selected References
Bibliography prepared by HCIC, LLC - October 2002
Terminology Services
Presentation by Joan R. Duke, Principal, HCIC, LLC for TEPR 2002 - May 2002
Aspects of Electronic Health Record Systems
Joan Duke and George Bowers contributed 2 chapters in this book published in 2006 by Springer